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E. Dysregulation of cardiac function Pathophysiology of vessels

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E. Dysregulation of cardiac function

Pathophysiology of vessels.

  1. As a result of a home injury, a patient suffered a significant blood loss, which led

to a fall in blood pressure. Rapid blood pressure recovery after the blood loss is

provided by the following hormones:

    1. Adrenaline, vasopressin

    2. Cortisol

    3. Sex hormones

    4. Oxytocin

    5. Aldosterone

  1. A patient with constant headaches, pain in the occipital region, tinnitus, dizziness has been admitted to the cardiology department. Objectively:AP- 180/110mm

Hg, heart rate - 95/min. Radiographically, there is a stenosis of one of the renal arteries. Hypertensive condition in this patient has been caused by the activation of the following system:

    1. Renin-angiotensin

    2. Hemostatic

    3. Sympathoadrenal

    4. Kinin

    5. Immune

  1. A 43-year-old-patient has arterial hypertension caused by an increase in cardiac output and general peripheral resistance. Specify the variant of hemodynamic development of arterial hypertension in the given case:

    1. Eukinetic

    2. Hyperkinetic

    3. Hypokinetic

    4. Combined

    5. -

  1. A 16-year-old female patient has fainted after quickly changing her body position from horizontal to vertical one. Which process from the ones listed below has caused the loss of consciousness in the first place?

    1. Decreasing venous return

    2. Increasing venous return

    3. Increasing central venous pressure

    4. Decreasing oncotic pressure of blood plasma

    5. Increasing arterial pressure

  2. A patient has insufficient blood supply to the kidneys, which has caused the development of pressor effect due to the constriction of arterial resistance vessels. This is the result of the vessels being greately affected by the following substance:

    1. Angiotensin II

    2. Angiotensinogen

    3. Renin

    4. Catecholamines

    5. Norepinephrine

  3. A month after surgical constriction of rabbit’s renal artery the considerable increase of systematic arterial pressure was observed. What of the following regulation mechanisms caused the animal’s pressure change?

    1. Angiotensin-II

    2. Vasopressin

    3. Adrenaline

    4. Noradrenaline

    5. Serotonin

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