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A. Decrease of albumin content B

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A. Decrease of albumin content

B. Increase of globulin conten

C. Decrease of fibrinogen conten

D. Increase of albumin conten

E. Decrease of globulin conten

Acid-Base imbalance.

  1. An infant has pylorospasm, weakness, hypodynamia, convulsions as a result of frequent vomiting. What kind of acid-base disbalance is it?

    1. Excretory alkalosis

    2. Excretory acidosis

    3. Metabolic acidosis

    4. Exogenous nongaseous acidosis

    5. Gaseous alkalosis

  1. A newborn child with pylorostenosis has often repeating vomiting accompanied by apathy, weakness, hypertonicity, sometimes convulsions. What disorder form of acid-base balance is it?

    1. Nongaseous alkalosis

    2. Gaseous alkalosis

    3. Gaseous acidosis

    4. Metabolic acidosis

    5. Excretory acidosis

  1. After taking poor-quality food a patient developed repeated episodes of diarrhea. On the next day he presented with decreased arterial pressure, tachycardia, extrasystole. Blood pH is 7,18. These abnormalities were caused by the development of:

    1. Nongaseous acidosis

    2. Gaseous acidosis

    3. Nongaseous alkalosis

    4. Gaseous alkalosis

    5. Metabolic alkalosis

  1. A patient with diabetes developed a diabetic coma due to the acid-base imbalance. Specify the kind of this imbalance:

    1. Metabolic acidosis

    2. Metabolic alkalosis

    3. Respiratory acidosis

    4. Gaseous alkalosis

    5. Non-gaseous alkalosis

  1. A patient with respiratory failure has blood pH of 7,35. pCO2 test revealed hypercapnia. Urine pH test revealed an increase in the urine acidity.What form of acid-base imbalance is the case?

    1. Compensated respiratory acidosis

    2. Compensated metabolic acidosis

    3. Decompensated metabolic acidosis

    4. Compensated respiratory alkalosis

    5. Decompensated respiratory alkalosis

77. A patient suffers from disrupted patency of the airways at the level of small and medium-sized bronchial tubes. What changes of acid-base balance can occur in the patient?

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