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Water-electrolyte imbalance

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Water-electrolyte imbalance.

  1. A patient has severe blood loss caused by an injury. What kind of dehydration will be observed in this particular case?

    1. Isoosmolar

    2. Hyposmolar

    3. Hyperosmolar

    4. Normosmolar

    5. -

  1. A 56 year old patient suffering from cardiac insufficiency has edema of feet and shins, edematous skin is pale and cold. What is the leding mechanism of edema pathogenesis?

    1. Rise of hydrostatic pressure in venules

    2. Drop of oncotic pessure in capillaries

    3. Increase of capillary permeability

    4. Disorder of lymph outflow

    5. Positive water balance

  1. A 49 year old woman spent a lot of time standing. As a result of it she got leg edema. What is the most likely cause of the edema?

    1. Increase in hydrostatic pressure of blood in veins

    2. Decrease in hydrostatic pressure of blood in veins

    3. Decrease in hydrostatic pressure of blood in arteries

    4. Increase in oncotic pressure of blood plasma

    5. Increase in systemic arterial pressure

  1. A patient with a pathology of the cardiovascular system developed edemata of the lower extremities. What is the mechanism of cardiac edema development?

    1. Increased hydrostatic pressure at the venous end of the capillary

    2. Increased oncotic pressure

    3. Increased hydrostatic pressure at the arterial end of the capillary

    4. Reduced osmotic pressure

    5. Lymph efflux disorder

  1. A patient with enteritis accompanied by massive diarrhea has low water rate in the extracellular space, high water rate inside the cells and low blood osmolarity.

What is such disturbance of water-electrolytic metabolism called?

    1. Hypo-osmolar hypohydration

    2. Hyperosmolar hypohydration

    3. Osmolar hypohydration

    4. Hypo-osmolar hyperhydration

    5. Hyperosmolar hyperhydration

71/. Upon toxic damage of hepatic cells resulting in disruption of liver function the patient developed edemas. What changes of blood plasma are the main cause of edema development?

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