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A. Monocytes

B. Eosinophils

C. Neutrophils

D. Endotheliocytes

E. Fibroblasts


  1. Cyanide is a poison that causes instant death of the organism. What enzymes found in mitochondria are affected by cyanide?

    1. Cytochrome oxidase

    2. Flavin enzymes

    3. Cytochrome _5

    4. NAD+-dependent dehydrogenase

    5. Cytochrome P-450

  1. The resuscitation unit has admitted a patient in grave condition. It is known that he had mistakenly taken sodium fluoride which blocks cytochrome oxidase. What type of hypoxia developed in the patient?

    1. Tissue

    2. Hemic

    3. Cardiovascular

    4. Hypoxic

    5. Respiratory

  1. A public utility specialist went down into a sewer well without protection and after a while lost consciousness. Ambulance doctors diagnosed him with hydrogen sulfide intoxication. What type of hypoxia developed?

    1. Hemic

    2. Overload

    3. Tissue

    4. Circulatory

    5. Respiratory

  1. Measurements of the arterial pCO2 and pO2 during an attack of bronchial asthma revealed hypercapnia and hypoxemia respectively. What kind of hypoxia occurred in this case?

    1. Respiratory

    2. Hemic

    3. Circulatory

    4. Tissue

    5. Histotoxic

  1. From the group of children who were eating sweet sappy watermelon two kids developed the signs of poisoning: rapid weakness, dizziness, headache, vomiting, edema, tachycardia, cyanosis of mouth, ears, tips of the fingers cyanosis. High concentration of nitrates was detected. What is the leading mechanism of the pathogenesis of the poisoning in the two children?

    1. Insufficiency of met-Hb-reductase

    2. Insufficiency of superoxiddismutase

    3. Block cytochrome oxidase

    4. Insufficiency glutathione pyroxidase

    5. Insufficiency of catalase

  1. Diseases of the respiratory system and circulatory disorders impair the transport of oxygen, thus leading to hypoxia. Under these conditions the energy metabolism is carried out by anaerobic glycolysis. As a result, the following substance is generated and accumulated in blood:

    1. Lactic acid

    2. Pyruvic acid

    3. Glutamic acid

    4. Citric acid


  1. A female patient has been diagnosed with cervical erosion, which is a precancerous pathology. What defense mechanism can prevent the development of a tumor?

    1. Increase in natural killer level (NKcells)

    2. High-dose immunological tolerance

    3. Increase in the activity of lysosomal enzymes

    4. Simplification of the antigenic structure of tissues

    5. Low-dose immunological tolerance

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