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Topic 12. Pathophysiology of tissue growth. Tumors.
1. Rate of appearance of tumors is increased in elderly people. One of the main reasons for this is:

  1. Increase in activity of cellular immunity

  2. Decrease in activity of cellular immunity *

  3. Rise of disorders of mitoses

  4. Decrease of intensity of antibody production

  5. Increase of intensity of antibody production

2. In a patient with metastases of lung carcinoma introduction of cytostatics led to suspension of metastases growth at first but later metastases resumed spread. What is the most possible mechanism of secondary growth of metastases?

  1. Absence of contact braking

  2. Absence of Hayflick’s limit

  3. Rise of genetic heterogeneity of tumor cells *

  4. Increased glucose consumption by tumour

  5. Increased amino acids consumption by tumour

3. A 56-years-old patient, who had contact with diethylnitrozamine at his work place, complains of pain in right subcostal area, weakness, loss of appetite, and decreased workability. At examination of this patient: surface of his liver is rough, splenomegaly and ascites are present in him; his body temperature is 37.2oC; in his blood analysis ESR is 25 mm/hour, besides neutrophilic leukocytosis, and hypochromic anemia were found. What disease developed in the patient’s organism?

  1. Cancer of liver *

  2. Hepatitis

  3. Cirrhosis of liver

  4. Gallstone disease

  5. Dyskinesia of bile ducts

4. Approximately 60% of tryptophan is oxidized through serotonin pathway in case of malignant intestine carcinoma. What vitamin demand is increased for a patient with malignant carcinoma of intestine?

  1. Nicotinic acid *

  2. Pantothenic acid

  3. Folic acid

  4. Pyridoxine E. Riboflavin

5. Malignant tumor of lung was diagnosed in a patient. What feature of tumour growth testifies its malignancy? A. Infiltrative growth *

  1. Unregulated growth

  2. Unlimited growth

  3. Expansive growth

  4. Appearance from one cell

6. Tumor has developed in a patient with innate immunodeficiency. What factor of non-specific immunity participates in anti-tumor defense?

  1. Lysozyme

  2. Interleukin-1

  3. Lactoferrin

  4. Arylsulfatase

  5. Properdin *

7. The woman complained to the doctor for changing of voice, appearance of hair on the face, and reduction of breast. Where would a tumor develop that could lead to these symptoms?

  1. Tumor of zona reticulata of adrenal glands *

  2. Tumor of ovaries

  3. Tumor of anterior lobe of pituitary gland

  4. Tumor of zona glomerulata of adrenal glands

  5. Tumor of zona fasciculata of adrenal glands

8. Gamma-interferon was used for treatment of the patient, suffering from tumor. What property of this substance was used for treatment of this tumor disease?

  1. Activation of synthesis of Ig

  2. Activation of B-lymphocytes

  3. Activation of killer effect *

  4. Activation of complement system

  5. Activation of macrophages

9. Following changes can occur in development of tumor:

  1. Pheochromocytoma – hypotension

  2. Insulinoma – hypoglycemia *

  3. Aldosteronoma – hypohydration

  4. Tumor of zona reticulata of adrenal glands – inhibition of sexual growth E. Tumor of thyroid gland – hypothyroidism

10. Cancer of lung developed in a patient, smoking for a long time. Which carcinogenic substance is present in tobacco smoke, related to polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates? A. Benzpyrene *

  1. Dimethylaminobenzol

  2. Beta-naphthylamine

  3. Dimethylnitrosamine

  4. Orthoaminoazotoluol

11. A male patient, 40, has stenotic (without metastases) esophagus cancer. The following changes were revealed in that patient: muscular and fat tissue atrophy, brownish color of the skin, thin epidermis, and cardiac atrophy. What’s the reason of such symptoms?

  1. Alimentary cachexy *

  2. Myasthenia

  3. Addison's disease

  4. Cancer cachexy

  5. Brown induration

12. In 1910 Rous managed to cause sarcoma in chickens by cell-free infiltrate inserting. What was the method of experimental modeling?

  1. Induction *

  2. Explantation

  3. Isotransplantation

  4. Homotransplantation

  5. Heterotransplantation

13. There is high stage of interaction between lung cancer and tobacco smoking. What chemical carcinogen is contained in tobacco smog?

  1. 3,4-benspyren *

  2. Orhtoaninotoluol

  3. Aflatoxin

  4. Methylcholatren

  5. Dimethylnitrosamine

14. Patient complained of weight loss and weakness, in blood analysis hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemia were revealed. An additional study tumor of beta-cells was discovered. Insulin synthesis improvement in this case is a result of:

  1. Biochemical anaplasia

  2. Morphological anaplasia

  3. Functional anaplasia *

  4. Differentiation atypia

  5. Immunological atypia

15. What biological process augmentation is typical for tumor cells?

  1. Anaerobic glycolysis *

  2. Decarboxylation

  3. Tissue respiration

  4. Lipolysis

  5. Gluconeogenesis

16. Ehrlich’s tumor was transplanted to animal. What is the evidence of tumor progression? A. Unlimited growth

  1. Resistance to cytostatics *

  2. Anaplasia

  3. Infiltration

  4. Tumor weight increasing

17. Unpainted formation under the jaw was appeared in liquidator of Chernobyl’s disaster after 12 years of accident. The size of it has increased till last month. The blood analysis is in norm. What pathological process is most suspicious in this case?

  1. Lymphadenitis

  2. Sialoadenitis

  3. Abscess

  4. Malignant tumor *

  5. Cyst

18. What is the most effective manner of experimental transplantation of tumor?

  1. Isotransplantation

  2. Autotransplantation *

  3. Heterotransplantation

  4. Homotransplantation

  5. Allotransplantation

19. There is a tumor of tongue in patient. What characteristics of tumor may be considered as malignant?

  1. Dysplasia

  2. Expansion

  3. Infiltration *

  4. Pasteur’s positive effect

  5. Mitosis increasing

20. What cell structure is a «target» for chemical carcinogens?

  1. Nuclear DNA *

  2. Lysosomes

  3. Mitochondria

  4. Cytoplasmic membrane

  5. Ribosomes

21. A patient with lung cancer has been smoking 30 cigarettes per day for 20 years.

What the group of carcinogens is in tobacco smog?

  1. Polycyclic carbohydrates *

  2. Aminoasosubstances

  3. Nitrosamines

  4. Amines

  5. Heterocyclic carbohydrates

22. A female patient was admitted to the hospital with diagnosis «uterine cervix cancer». What from the following processes are not typical for tumor cells?

  1. Anaerobic glycolysis *

  2. High glucose metabolism

  3. Aerobic glucolysis

  4. High amino acids metabolism

  5. Organospecificity absence in amino acids consumption

23. A patient with urinary bladder cancer was working in coke factory. What substance was the most probable reason of this pathological condition?

  1. Naphthylamine *

  2. Dichloroethane

  3. Vinegar acid

  4. Alcohol

  5. Pethroleynic ether

24. It is established that tumor tissue receives in 20-25 times less of glucose that intact tissue in equal glucose amount. What metabolic changings lead to such event?

  1. Aerobic glycolysis enhancement *

  2. Oxidation improvement

  3. Normal interaction of these processes

  4. Tissue respiration improvement

  5. Decreasing of anaerobic glycolysis

25. They got nitrogenous nitrite to experimental animals. A tumor was developed in 80% of animals. What was the group of carcinogens?

  1. Nitrosamines *

  2. Aminoasosubstances

  3. Polycyclic carbohydrates

  4. Simple chemical substances

  5. Hormones

26. After Chernobyl disaster morbidity of tumors has been increasing. What action of the radiation has been appearing?

  1. Oncogenic *

  2. Thermal

  3. Mutagenic

  4. Cytostatics

  5. Immunostimulate

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