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Test 207

A 60- year old man suffers from atherosclerosis. Which of the following substances play the leading role in pathogenesis of this disease?

  1. Fat acids

  2. Chylomicrons

  3. High density lipoproteins

  4. Low density lipoproteins

  5. Complexes of fat acids with albumins

Test 208

In a patient with hepatic coma the content of albumin and fibrinogen is decreased; the content of globulins is increased. Which of the following changes of the blood protein composition is observed in the patient?

  1. Hyperproteinemia

  2. Hypoproteinemia

  3. Paraproteinemia

  4. Dysproteinemia

  5. Hypernitrogenemia

Test 209

In animal study destruction of the ventramedial nucleus of a dog’s hypothalamus is carried out.It resultes in obesity .Which of the following types of obesity dose the dog develop?

  1. Alimentary

  2. Cerebral

  3. Hormonal

  4. Hyperplastic

  5. Hypertrophic

Test 210

In the second stage of starvation the amount of lipids in the blood is increased. What kind of hyperlipemia takes place in this case?

  1. Cerebral

  2. Retentional

  3. Transport

  4. Alimental

  5. Diencephalic

Test 211

After food intake fat content in the blood of a healthy man is characterized by the following changes: in 2 hours – 9g/L, in 4 hours – 10g/L, in 6 hours – 11g/L, in 8 hours 5g/L. Which of the following types of hyperlipemia occurs in the man?

  1. Alimentary

  2. Retentional

  3. Transport

  4. Essential

  5. Domestic

Test 212

A 67- year old patient suffers from atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels.Which of the following classes of plasma lipoproteins should be increased to confirme the diagnosis?

  1. Low density lipoproteins

  2. High density lipoproteins

  3. Alpha-lipoproteins

  4. Chylomicronss

  5. Complexes of fat acids with albumins


Test 213

A 38-year old man with coma is admitted to a hospital. He lost consciousness after Marathon race. What kind of coma is most likely to be in this patient?

  1. Hyperglycemic

  2. Hypoglycemic

  3. Toxic

  4. Uremic

  5. Ketoacidic

Test 214

A 13-year old girl has hyperglycemia, glucosuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, and polyuria. Which of the following hormones hyposecretion causes these symptoms?

  1. Epinephrine

  2. Aldosterone

  3. Glucagon

  4. Insulin

  5. Cortisone

Test 215

Introduction of Adrenalin to an experimental animal causes an increase of concentration of glucose in the blood. Which of the following processes does the hyperglycemia result from?

  1. Stimulation of absorption of glucose is in a liver

  2. Depression of glycogenesis

  3. Stimulation of gluconeogenesis

  4. Stimulation of glycolysis in the liver

  5. Depression of activity of hexokinase

Test 216

An 18-year-old girl complains of increased appetite, thirst and elevated urination. On her examination increased ketone bodies levels are revealed? What is more probable diagnosis?

  1. Steroid diabetes

  2. Hyperthyroidism

  3. Hypothyroidism

  4. Diabetes insipidus

  5. Diabetes mellitus

Test 217

An 11- year old boy has a history of German measles. After that he begins to lose weight. The patient complains of dryness in the mouth, thirst, increased appetite and frequent urination. Objectively: the diuresis is 10L, the blood glucose level is 12,0 mmol/L, in the urine glucose and acetone are identified. What is more probable diagnosis?

  1. Type 2 diabetes mellitus

  2. Steroid diabetes.

  3. Diabetes insipidus

  4. Symptomatic diabetes mellitus.

  5. Type 1 diabetes mellitus

Test 218

Glucosuria while normal blood glucose concentration is revealed in an 18-year old man at his examination. Which of the following disorders is this finding result from?

  1. Disorder of glomerular filtration

  2. Disorder of tubular secretion

  3. Disorder of glucocorticoids secretion

  4. Disorder of insulin secretion

  5. Disorder of tubular reabsorption

Test 219

Meteorism, bowel spasms, abdominal pain and diarrhea develop in some people after milk intake. These symptoms develop in 1 - 4 hours after drinking of even one glass of milk. Which of the following components of milk are these symptoms due to?

  1. Galactose

  2. Lactose

  3. Maltose

  4. Saccharose

  5. Fructose

Test 220

Insulin is administrated to a patient with diabetes mellitus to treat hyperglycemia. Which of the following effects is this administration based on? Insulin:

  1. Prevents absorption of glucose in the intestine

  2. Diminishes gluconeogenesis

  3. Increases glucose excretion by the kidney

  4. Promotes transport of glucose into cells and its utilization

  5. Increases anaerobic glycolysis

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