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Test 177

A 21-year-old woman sustains multiple injuries, including fractures of the right femur and tibia and the left humerus, in a motor vehicle collision. She is admitted to the hospital, and the fractures are stabilized surgically. Soon after admission the hospital, she is in stable condition. She suddenly becomes severely dyspneic, however, 2 days later. Which of following complications is the most likely cause of this sudden respiratory difficulty?

  1. Right hemothorax

  2. Pulmonary edema

  3. Fat embolism

  4. Cardiac tamponade

  5. Pulmonary infarction

Test 178

A 44-year-old man has a history of poorly controlled diabetes mellitus leading to coronary artery disease. He now has decreasing cardiac output. An increase in which of the following substances in his blood is most indicative of reversible cell injury from decreased perfusion of multiple organs and tissues?

  1. Carbon dioxide

  2. Creatinine

  3. Glucose

  4. Lactic acid

  5. Ammonia

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