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Маршрут слідування та перебування:

Новоград-Волинський – Івано-Франківськ – с.Лазещина - Карпатський біосферний заповідник - турбаза Козьмещик – гора Говерла – гора Петрос - с.Лазещина – Івано-Франківськ – Новоград-Волинський.


викладач громадянської освіти, керівник проекту


Спільний проект колегіантів Новоград-Волинського колегіуму та Стрийської гімназії “COL*GATE”
Робота над проектом – це випуск англійською мовою спільної газети “COL*GATE” (Колегіантська брама). У кожному номері публікуються статті з обох навчальних закладів: у частині “COL*GATE - WEST” зі Стрийської гімназії, в “COL*GATE - NORTH” з Новоград-Волинського колегіуму. У ІІ семестрі 2003-2004 навчального року вийшли чотири номера газети.


News (November - December):

  1. 22.11.03 – the town English Language Olympiad. 15 pupils of forms 9-11 of the Gymnasium won prize places and 5 of them are will represent it at Regional Contest in February!

  2. 28-29.11.03 – a visit of a group of 19 pupils and 3 teachers from FLD to Novograd-Volynskyi Collegium (Ghytomyr Region)

  3. 12.12.03 – participation of group of pupils of 6f in the Longman Dictionaries’ Marathon in Lviv. We won many awards: books and dictionaries.

  4. 13.12.03 - the Name Day of the Gymnasium – St. Andrew’s Day.

  5. 19.12.03 – the holiday of inauguration of Bohdan Barabash Collegium under Kyevan – Mohylian Academy in Stryi Gymnasium. Rector of the Academy & our principal signed an agreement on cooperation between the two institutions.


December, 1-25

Town’s Olympiads in History, Law, English, German, Ukrainian, Computer Knowledge

December, 6

Ukrainian Army’s Day. Parties in grades 7-11

December, 16

Zhytomyr Pedagogical University professors’ visit

December, 15-19

The Tenth Foreign Languages Week

December, 19

St. Mykolai’s Fair, Miss & Mister English – 2003 Quiz

December, 20

International Ukrainian Language Yatsyk Competition

December, 15-25

Final tests

December, 26

Collegium New Year parties

December, 27

10th grades students and teachers meeting

Collegium’s LIFE

Life in Collegium is quite an ordinary life of any school. Just like others, collegians get up early, go to school, and do a lot of boring homework. But somehow it happens that some very interesting events happen certainly in Collegium. Maybe it’s because of the teachers and their work or maybe because of the pupils. At least from time to time we have a possibility to spend our time with an interesting company in interesting places.

For example a few weeks ago a group of our pupils represented our school at the regional English Language Olympiad. Five boys and girls spent several weeks working hard to get ready for this contest. They tried so hard and did their best to support the prestige of our school. According to the statistics,


every year Striy Gymnasium pupils win about 2 prize places at the regional and, at least, one at the national Olympiad. This year wasn’t an exception. We came back home with 3 prize places: Oleh Zadoretsky (11th form) – 2nd place, Liza Paliy (9th form) – 3rd place, Orest Leschuk (7th form, German) – 3rd place!

I was a participant as well, so I had a chance to get acquainted with the competition of such a level. There were four rounds: the first one is Reading Comprehension, the second round – a Composition, and the third one was Oral Speaking. The fourth round took place next day and it was Listening Comprehension. It was my first experience and I must say that the atmosphere was too tense so, I could hardly find anyone relaxed. After each round I was so tired and exhausted that I felt dizzy, but after a short break I had to start a new challenge. My fellow participants felt the same way. That’s why we were happy when that nightmare came to an end.

But one of us, O. Zadoretskiy, a winner of the Regional Olympiad, went to go on “fighting” for a victory in the National English Language Olympiad in Feodosia (the Crimea) and won the 1st place. Our school reached success and got a lot of prizes and presents.

But except for work pupils here know how to have fun. For instance, on February 14th we had a majestic party related to St. Valentines Day! We rented a hall of the town theatre and created the atmosphere of love, friendship and kindness. The party was exceptionally good, and even such silence-lovers as me visited it. I should admit that without the FLD nothing could have happened. Our English teachers plaid the main role in organizing the party and did their best to help us to have fun.

Still, as I have mentioned, we also live our daily life. It’s not so bright as the holidays but it has its interesting things as well. As you can see in the photos the priority of our school life is English. I suppose the FLD is the most democratic department of Stryi Collegium, and I’m not boasting.

We are very happy to receive your invitation to visit your school on its 10th anniversary. It will be very pleasant to see you again!

Compiled by T. Kushnir & O. Zadoretskiy
Dear Kamila Dominikivna, Eduard Il’hamovych,

teachers and pupils of Collegium!

We’d like to congratulate you on the 10th anniversary of your school! We wish you prosperity, success in you work and personal life and to become famous all over Ukraine! Let many bright and pleasant moments accompany you, let life bring you happiness and joy. May all your plans and dreams come true! Let these spring days bring you festive mood and confidence in great success!

Your partners from Stryi.

April 2004


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