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Nataly Kovryzhnyk:

The trip to Novograd – Volynskyi colegium was one of the best moments

in my life. I am sure that this is the travel of a lifetime.

First of all I’d like to say that our class couldn’t boast of a great number of trips and excursions. That’s why our English group got a lot of new feelings and exciting moments, spending time together during the travel. Before the trip we made big plans, wrote a list of necessary things, and got ready for new adventures.

Novograd-Volynskiy met us with the first rays of the sun. We were tired and sleepy, but the meeting with the pupils of Novograd-Volynskiy helped us to forget about the sleepless night. Their smiles and words: “Welcome to our school!” filled us with energy for the rest of the day. At the first moment I heard only clicking of cameras and after that everyone tried to find her or his e-mail correspondent. At first I couldn’t pay much attention to the interior of the school, because at the moment my task was to get acquainted with my new friend and the other pupils. After the acquaintance we were shown our common room, where we put our uniforms on. Then followed the acquaintance with the family, breakfast and a while of rest. And, of course, after that Stryi’s pupils were ready for all the trials. But this is another story.

Joan Rudakevych:

I think I am lucky because I had a wonderful chance to visit such a beautiful school as yours. All of us were pleasantly impressed with its beauty and all the modern conveniences that surrounded my friends and me during the time we spent at this school.

The part of this trip I liked best of all was the lesson of practical psychology. Why? Maybe because I want my future career to be connected with it. I am fond of talking about the relations between people and making and having different tests. This lesson was dedicated to different types of man’s temper. We were tested and each of us learned about his or her temper. I am a half-choleric, half a sanguine person. I find such tests very interesting and useful because they help me to see the weak points of my character and change them a bit. There’s no such lesson in my school curriculum. And it would be great if we had such a lesson. But still thank you for this one!!!


Kate Chergava:

Last week my group with me visited Novograd-Volynskiy. I must say that we were welcome very friendly after a few hours of rest. Our new friends with us came to gather to school. At first we had a talk with the principal of the Collegium. Then we had a tour around the school and some lessons there. The first lesson was an English lesson on the topic “Views of schools.” To tell the truth when I heard the title of the topic I thought it was no going to be interesting. In addition to it, I was with a group of the 9th grade students. But I wasn’t right. It was very pleasant and even exciting. I learn some new fact about the Collegium. And, of course, met new friends. The lesson appeared to be not so simple. During a minute I had to learn as much information about our new friends as possible and then I had to show what I had learnt. After that we had a discussion. I wasn’t impressed that not all of the students participated in it, but at the end of the lesson the students became more active. As far as I am concerned there was not so much time, as I would like. I think I’ll remember this lesson for a long time.

Nataly Mychailyuk

Last week a group of my classmates and me went to visit Novograd-Volynskiy. Our new friends warmly welcomed us. First we went to their flats and in some time we came back to the Collegium. To tell the truth I was greatly impressed with the beauty of this building. It looks great! I also liked clean classrooms and corridors very much. There is a special place with plants – they are really nice! I liked the way the teachers conducted their lessons. They had discussions all the time. It was very interesting and exciting.

Then we played the game “Chance.” We were divided into three teams. At first our team feared that we wouldn’t answer any questions, but it wasn’t that way. We managed to answer some of them, but finally we lost the game. All the same it was fun.

After that we went to a disco party. At the end of the day we were in a good mood despite of the fact that we had slept only two hours on the train.

Next day we had a walking tour around he town. We visited some places of interest. We liked Novohrad-Volynskiy broad streets and cozy cafes. Our visit to Lesya Ukrainka’s museum was very useful and informative as well.

To tell the truth we didn’t want to leave our new friends. We were embracing and kissing each other at the railway station. Now we are looking forward to their visit to Stryi.

Joan Rudakevych and Olga Vengrovska:

You think it’s so boring to study in the Grammar School! You think we only hit the books! Our school is concerned not only about our studying, but also about a little rest following the intense school year. Two years ago our teacher of


English – Orysia Filaretivna became pen pals with a teacher from Novograd-Volynskiy Collegium, Eduard Ilhamovych. Due to their friendship this year we had a chance to visit the Collegium.

On November 28 a group of pupils from our class had a chance to visit the town of Novohrad-Volynskiy. In the evening of the previous day we left Stryi for Novohrad-Volynskiy, so the next day, in the morning, we arrived to this town and were met by a group of the pupils of this Collegium. There we got acquainted with each other. Before going to Novograd-Volynskiy, they sent a letter to us, containing fact about each of them. Each of had chosen one of them and we began to correspond. So, then our pen pals took us home. There we had Alltel rest. It’s necessary to mention that we were pleasantly impressed with the scenery and the hospitality of all the parents and children.

At 10 o’clock we gathered at the collegium and our intensive program began. At first we had a meeting with the principal. She told us about the past and the present of the school. Then we had a tour around the collegium and we were really impressed with the way the building looked the number of new equipment, a modern gym, a large library, a billiards room and numerous decorative plants. After this tour we had three lessons.

The first lesson was the lesson of English in the 9th-10th forms, where we discussed our schools, the differences and commons between them. The next lesson was the lesson of practical psychology for the 10th-formers. The main goal of this lesson was to learn about human temper. It was really interesting and amazing because all of us love psychology and, besides that, we had to take some interesting psychological tests. The 9th formers took part in the discussion about the Greek-Catholic Church in the west and in the east of Ukraine.

And the most interesting lesson was the lesson of civic education. The topic of the lesson was: “We are different, we are the same.” Here we discussed such problems as the Ukrainian language in Western and Eastern Ukraine and our views on life.

At 2 o’clock p.m. we had a tasty dinner and some rest. At 3 o’clock we participated in a very interesting intellectual game “Chance.” It’s a pity, but our team lost it. Still it was really great! Then we had a disco that made us feel very cool and free. That was the time when we were enjoying the beauty of life.

On Saturday we had a tour around the town. The sight we were impressed with was the museum of Lesya Ukrainka. This is a really majestic place!

Of course, everything good and pleasant has its end. At half past four we got together at the railway station, said “good-bye” to the families and our new friends. We left Novohrad-Volynskiy with tears in our eyes. We are missing you sooooo much!!!


Alla Tarasiuk, grade 10A:

To continue our school’s project “People to People” we invited the next generation of Stryi Gymnasia students to visit our Collegium. They arrived at the end of November 2003. We looked forward to seeing them that’s why a well-planned educational and cultural program was prepared. We met our new friends on Friday. First they had a short rest at our students’ families, then came to school to stay here till the evening. We had a joined English lesson where we told each other about our schools and their traditions, peculiarities, differences, similarities. We all came to a conclusion to organize such meetings more often to give us a possibility to communicate more. I believe that the best way of learning English is communication. The meeting showed us a great will of Stryi students to improve their knowledge though its level is quite high. There also were a joined lesson of Psychology, a terrific party with quizzes, competitions and much music and dances. After the meeting I decided to learn English better and realized that such kind of communication enriches everybody’s mind with stimulation to learn.

Olesia Selikhova, grade 10A:

The week before our guests’ arrival was very exciting. We spoke much about our plans for the meeting, cooperation at the lessons and an evening party.

We met them in the morning on Friday, November 28 and went homes. On the way I spoke with Marta all the time. After staying at home we went back to school to have two joint lessons. At the English lesson we shared the ideas about schools, lessons, punishment, uniform and other things. Later there were Shans game and a party. Later that evening Marta, Lena with her new friend Taras and me went to the birthday party that was cool! When we came home we were very tired but happy. In the morning we had breakfast and went first to the museum, then to down town to have an excursion around it. The time after dinner was so sad! We had to say good-bye our friends because at 5 p.m. their train left for Stryi.

The time we had those two days was great! We took a lot of pictures, chattered, knew about each other. To my mind this project is one of the best we have ever had in our school!

Olena Horpynych, grade 10A:

Tastes are different. Different people like different things. I’m sure everybody likes communication with people, so students from grade 10A do it very much! We were very glad to meet the guests. Hope they liked their staying here with all the excursions, joint lessons, the party organized by Olesia and Lena. After the party we went down town to show our new friends the sights and danced at the disco-club. As for me I hosted Taras who is a very clever boy. Among his hobbies are listening to music and travelling. For me it was very interesting to stay with him.


He told a lot of interesting things, jokes and funny stories. I enjoyed the time I spent with our new friends. The project we participated in was great and useful for us!

Halyna Matveeva, grade 10A:

Students from Stryi Gymnasia arrived to our collegium on November 28, and stayed here for two days. I hosted Olha Vengrovska. She studies in grade 10 and is 16 years old. Olia is of medium height. She is a delicate and pretty girl. She is an interesting interlocutor. Olia is a kind of well-bread, polite and clever person. She plays the guitar and sings with a nice voice. Olia is a real patriot of our country who dreams to become a lawyer and work in Ukraine. We became friends and are going to keep in touch.

Maryna Tkhoryk, grade 10A:

A week ago we guested students from Stryi in our collegium. At home I hosted a girl from there too. Her name is Zlata. Frankly speaking I was a bit afraid because I didn’t know whether we would have common things to speak about, interests, points of view. I waited for the day they arrived with great impatience and counted each hour before meeting. In the morning when we were waiting for our guests I couldn’t believe it would come true. We met our guests and spent great, unforgettable time with them. There were a lot of topics to discuss both in school and at home. We don’t differ much; we are almost the same. Hope the guests have a lot of impressions of our collegium and the town. It was too little time to be together! I liked Zlata and think we’ll be good friends forever!

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